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Click on the map of Queensland on the left to see our travels or just double click here.

Manly via North Queensland and return to Manly - May to September 2012

Hervey Bay

"Croc on the wharf " at Hervey Bay

Kingfisher Bay - Fraser Island

Kingfisher Bay Wharf



Blackwater & Bedford Weir

Main road flowers

Coal Centre

Bedford Weir

Near Bedford Weir

Coal mines near Blackwater



Lake Maraboon (Emerald)

"Sunflowers" in the park - Emerald

Col & the Parrots at the van site

Lake Maraboon

Phyl at Fairbairn Dam Wall



Rubyvale to Charters Towers

Col at Rubyvale

Sapphire Collection at Rubyvale

Coal Conveyor Belt to Blair Athol

Charters Towers City Hall

Phyl at Charters Towers Stock Exchange Arcade

Wallaroo at Tower Hill




Living "Fossils" in Richmond

Fossil display

Kronosaurus Corner

Lake at Richmond



Julia Creek to Gregory River

Phyl & the Mosaic Chair at Julia Creek

Lunch stop at "Sudan Dip" Race course

Brolgas on route

Gregory River - Camp Oven time

Campers by the Gregory River

Sign by the Gregory River



Lawn Hill NP and Adel's Grove

Phyl overlooking the Gorges

Lower Gorge from above

Campsite area and Lawn Hill Creek

Looking up Gorge from Canoe

Swimming at Indarri Falls

Lawn Hill Creek at Adel's Grove



Normanton to Karumba

Us at the Gulflander train station - Normanton

Phyl & Krys, the Crocodile, Normanton

Sunset at Karumba Tavern

Salt Pans at Karumba

Col off fishing from Karumba

Beach at Karumba



Croydon to Mount Surprise

Phyl at Critters Camp

Kissing Galahs at Croydon

Gold Nugget Statue at Croydon

Gilbert River

Col at water lily billabong camp spot

Einasleigh River



Undara Area & Lava Tubes

Mareeba Rock Wallaby in NP

Lava Tube Arch

Lava Flow Patterns

Board Walk into Lava Tube & fig tree

Pool & Camp Area at Undara

Restaurant Carriages



Innot Hot Springs & Ravenshoe - Atherton Tableland

Phyl testing Hot Spring Water Creek

Col at St. Barnabas Church (Ravenshoe)

Wind Farm near Ravenshoe

Dairy Cattle at Wind Farm



Lake Tinaroo & Crater Lakes

Tinaroo Lake

Dam Wall and Barron River

Togetherness at Lake Eacham Crater Lake

Col at Curtain Fig tree

Lake Barrine Crater Lake

Chimney stacks in Danbulla State Forest



Mareeba to Cooktown

Rifle Creek near Mt Molloy

Palmer River (old Gold Mining Area)

Black Mountain near Cooktown

Lava Rock on Black Mountain




Phyl and Musical Ship

Col and James (Cook)

Endeavour River from Grassy Hill

Phyl at Lighthouse on Grassy Hill

North of Cooktown

Col's new "Hot Spot"

"South Passage" visiting Cooktown

Weighing in Coral Trout

Boats in Endeavour River

Cook's Landing Spot

James Cook Museum

Finch Bay



Mossman to Wonga Beach

Mossman & Coast from Range Lookout

St David's Historic Anglican Church

Phyl paddles at Wonga Beach

Col, Coconut Palms & Debris

Col & the Peacock family at van site



Palm Cove to Port Douglas


Double Island & Jetty at Palm Cove

Double Island Palm Cove

Col & Golf Course View from Palm Cove Unit

Rock standing Trio at Ellis Beach

Col & Phyl overlooking beach at Port Douglas

Paddling at Palm Cove



Babinda Area

Col at Babinda Boulders Creek

Phyl at Boulders Falls & Rapids

Falls at The Boulders

Our van at Boulders Camp Spot

Bramston Beach

Col at Josephine Falls

Phyl at Josephine Falls

Mt Bartle Frere - Qld's Highest Mountain & Sugar Cane fields below



Paronella Park

Phyl at Mena Falls

Remains of Tea Rooms

Teresa Falls

Kauri Pine Pathway

Col on Staircase to Lake

Mena Falls and Suspension Bridge



Kurrimine and Mission Beaches

Phyl paddling on Kurrimine Beach

Col at South Mission Beach

Phyl on Mission Beach

Dunk Island view from Mission Beach

Col at Van Site - Mission Beach



Hull Heads to Ingham

Phyl at Hull Heads with Bedarra Island behind

Col at Hull River

Hull River mouth at low tide

Van with ocean behind at Hull Heads

Hinchinbrook Island from Cardwell Beach

Cane Train going to Lucinda Port

Hinchinbrook Island from Lucinda Point

Phyl with Sugar loading Derek behind

Sugar conveyor belt system from Lucinda Park



Balgal Beach to Townsville

Phyl at Balgal Beach.

Col at River Inlet, Balgal Beach

Stinger Net Reel & Park at Balgal Beach

Our Camp area at Balgal Beach

Col at Low Tide, Saltwater Ck - Toomulla Bch.

Low Tide at Toomulla Bch.

Coral, Shells and Rocks at Toomulla Bch.

Phyl and her "New Home" Toomulla Bch.

Col on Saunders Beach



Townsville and Guthalungra

Phyl and Magnetic Is. from Castle Hill

Col, low tide at Alva Beach near Ayr

Cane Train at Inkerman on Burdekin River South of Ayr

Phyl nearly through the Big Watermelon South of Ayr

Guthalungra Free Camp




Phyl at Queens Beach

Bowen Golf Course Queens Beach

Low Tide in Port Denison, Bowen Harbour

Glass sign at Bowen Jetty

Movie "Australia" filmed in Bowen

Col at Marina in Bowen

Phyl and view from Flagstaff Hill

Col and Cape Edgecumbe & Kings Beach

Phyl at Horseshoe Bay

Grays Bay South end of Queens Beach

Main Street of Bowen used in movie "Australia", now newly renovated

Col at the - - "Big Mango"




Airlie Beach and Shute Harbour

Airlie Beach

Boats in Airlie Bay

Boat Harbour Marina

Whitsunday Islands from Shutehaven

Islands in Shute Harbour

Shute Harbour



Conway Beach and Midge Point

Conway Beach, Repulse Bay at mid tide

Dogong swimming close to shore

Col fishing on Conway Beach

Colourful Ladies amenities at Van Park

Low tide at Conway Beach

Wallaby in Caravan Park at Midge Point

Our van site at Midge Point

Col at creek at low tide - Midge Point

Paddling at Midge Point with Repulse Island behind



Seaforth Area

Free camp in Seaforth

Victor Crk. Boat Ramp & Pontoon Seaforth

Seaforth Beach

Curlews at lunch Halliday Bay

Phyl at Cape Hillsborough

The Rock near Seaforth



Carmila Beach

Driftwood on beach

Phyl Mud puddling at low tide

Van site at high tide

Col sleep fishing at high tide

Creek inlet at Low tide




Front door Sea view at Clairview Rest Area

Flowers along Railway behind our van

Nearby Island at low tide

Checking the local boat ramp



Emu Park

Looking North toward Great Keppel Island

The "Singing Ship" at Emu Park

Playground at the beach

Phyl at Emu Park Beach looking South

Christ Church Emu Park